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Stay up-to-date by
Mastering Microsoft
Office Tools

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Microsoft Office Basic Training For Adults & Business Owners

Learning Microsoft Office tools is highly beneficial for students as it equips them with essential digital skills for academics and future careers. Proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint enhances their ability to create documents, analyze data, and deliver compelling presentations, making them more productive, organized, and competitive in their academic projects.

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Class Highlight

Course Highlights

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Microsoft Office Basic Training For Adults & Business Owners

  • Master Microsoft Office in 2 days

  • Weekend Classes

  • Physical Classroom

  • Certificate Provided - Certified by HRD Corp

  • [4 Hours per day x 2 days = 8 Hours]

  • RM399 per pax


For adults training, you will get the following

Anchor 1

Microsoft Office Skills



Certificate Provided



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